Spotlight on: Nikki from Dance Like A Mother!

This week we shine the spotlight on Nikki – a wonderful woman with a fab family and superb small business. She is rocking it. We LOVE the Dance Like A Mother classes and are so excited that Nikki and her crew will be involved with future socials and she is on the festival circuit with us.

We couldn’t be happier to shine the spotlight on her busy life of Mumming, dancing and still finding time to raise money for charities along the way 🧡


What’s your name and where do you come from?

Nikki Baillie. Pontefract (in West Yorkshire…yes…I know…wrong side of the pennines!)


Tell us about Dance Like A Mother

Dance Like a Mother is a Babywearing Dance Class, and also a Community Interest Company. But it’s also so much more! I originally started teaching Babywearing Dance as part of a Franchise, but very quickly started to see we were really quite different in our approach, style and just the way the classes were run. So we recently became Dance Like a Mother CIC. I thought to start with it would be about helping Mums get fit in a fun and non-judgmental environment (I also teach Zumba)

But within 6 months it was really starting to grow and the benefits were that Mums (and Dads..we have Dads too!) were starting to feel happier, more confident, they had a much better knowledge of the safety and benefits of babywearing, were finding an increased bond with their babies and making friends with other like minded women.

We now have 9 classes a week and I took on 3 more instructors (they are my tribe!) and we are training more at the moment, so we can offer the classes in more areas. Also as a CIC we are receiving funding to work with Young Mums in Salford to provide classes; which we are very excited to be able to do.

It really is more than just a bit of Mum dancing and not like any other ‘baby class’ you’ve been to!
How are you involved Our Kids Social?

I met Hannah through a mutual friend and then after she had her last baby, she has been coming along to classes. I think the parents that attend OKS and DLAM are very similar!

Up for a laugh and love a good dance to some top (yes okay sometimes cheesy) tunes. We did a pop up Sling Hire & Advice and a few taster classes at the last event at The Refuge and we plan to offer a Sling Hire & Advice stand at future OKS events including Happy Sundaze 16th Sept at the magnificent Manchester Monastery!

Helping Mums and Dads babywear safely, get some nice close cuddles and lets be honest..have 2 hands free to hold your drink 😀


Which tunes are top of the kitchen disco playlist on your house?

My Husband and I used to to work at Mojo and I also used to be a Dancer on ‘Brutus Golds Lovetrain’ (yes if you were a student in the early 00’s in Manchester you might remember!) So it a real mix of Rock, Disco, Soul and plenty of cheese..

Never too much By Luther Vandross

Raspberry Beret By Prince

Borderline by Madonna

Musical Soundtracks for a good singalong

and we Love a bit of ABBA in our house!

What are your favourite places for a knees up without the nippers?

Errr whats that now? 😀

Love a good Gig. We recently saw Chic and the day after Flight of the Conchords; which were 2 of the best Gigs weve ever been to.


What was the first album / single you bought and what format did you buy it on?

I was given a vinyl single of Crazy for you by Madonna. I had the fingerless gloves and everything.

What would be your band T shirt of choice?

I think it would have to be Nirvana. They were the soundtrack to my teen years and angst.

Which band would you most like to see live and why?

It has to be the Foo Fighters. I’ve been a fan from day one and seen them every time they have come to the UK (except this time…I had a ticket and was too exhausted to go 😦 ) They are exceptional live and you can tell they love what they do

What is a fave family meal in your house and can you share the recipe?

I love a good Curry and lets be honest it’s not the best for the old Mum tum! So I recently started making a Slimming World version. Its pretty quick and easy and you can always add extra creme fresh to cool for little ones, if they want.

Recipe is:

– Marinade Prawns (or Chicken if you prefer) in Natural Yogurt, Tikka Masala Powder and juice of 1 lime. Cover and put in fridge for a few hours.

– Stir Fry (using fry light) Peppers, White onions, Garlic, Cumin, Cardamom, Chilli, Salt, Pepper. Then add a bit more Tikka Masala Powder, Tomato puree and a tin of Chopped Tomatoes and let simmer for a bit.

– Add the marinated Prawns or Chicken and stir. Leave until the meat is cooked.

– For extra veggies we add Tenderstem Broccoli and spinach. If the sauce is quite thick, just add a little water.

Then serve with fluffy rice and chopped corriander


How can we find out more about DLAM?

We have a lovely website which is still having things added; but has  FAQ’s, Class Timetable & Booking and Babywearing Advice is on there. As well as details of upcoming Socials, Event & performances. We want to have Sling Library resources for Manchester on there, as well as a Blog…coming soon.

Also our facebook page


Apart from OKS events, what are your top tips for keeping the nippers entertained in the North West?

There’s a running joke in DLAM about my love for Bury Market! I love taking Ellie and we have a morning out together to go buy Fruit and Veg (and the best big prawns ever!). Everyone is so friendly and we just get to hang out and go for lunch.

But we also love ‘The Story Barn‘ in Liverpool. Often I think the best thing with a toddler is to ask “what do you want to do today” and just do that….mostly the answer is ‘Trampolining!”


Are there any other local small businesses / animal based bands who you would like to give a shout out to?

Yes! The list is too long so here’s a few!

So shout out to Helen at Guilty Mothers Club  I did her ‘Organise your Life’, 2 hour course and it really changed things for us. The weeks we don’t follow the tools I got from her the house feels rushed and stressed. Shes a very clever and organised lady!

Shout out to our mate Kate, who owns the ‘Coffee Sack’ cafe in Prestwich. She took it over a year ago and its a lovely place to go. The pancakes are AMAZING!

We have been really lucky to have the very talented Emma at Emma Boileau  do some incredible shots for us when we were on Strictly and for our website. Shes a great person and takes the coolest and most stunning photos.

Whats next for DLAM?

We are currently preparing for our Summer Socials. We are taking August off (I’m turning 40! and Charlie is having her 2nd baby) so this is our little party to celebrate becoming Dance LIke a Mother CIC as well as a chance for everyone to socialise outside class.


We also have an amazing Raffle to help us raise funds for your ‘Young Parents Project’

We have 2 socials; Salford on Weds 1st August and Didsbury on Fri 3rd August. Full details of our Socials can be found on the website.

We are also very excited to be at Just So Festival with you guys in August!


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