Spotlight on: Jo from Naturelly

This week we speak to Jo about her family, her brand and how she juggles having a small business and still makes time for the things she loves.


What’s your name and where do you come from?

I am Jo and our brand is called Naturelly. Natural + Jelly = Naturelly. We wanted something that showcases naturalness and also playfulness


Tell us a bit about Naturelly? How did you come up with the idea for your product?

My husband and I found it hard to find low in sugar snacks for the kids to have on days out / school pick up etc. Also, my daughter Della had food allergies so we came up with an idea to create a low in naturally occurring fruit sugar snack which was free from all the 14 allergens and was fun for the kids to have, we also thought ‘how can we make our product even more heathly’ so we added the RDI of vitamin C to each 100 gram pouch too…. Low and Behold, Naturelly was born!  

Describe the Naturelly business in 3 words!

Playful, Imaginative and Active.


Running a business as a couple, how so you manage to keep work at work and not bring it home?

We don’t it’s always on our mind…. If the days been particularly stressful then we just have to stop taking about work or have some me time, either go for a run or work out to try and forget about the issues


What keeps you both motivated and focused?

We probably keep each other motivated and focused. If one of us is feeling down, stressed or negged out by the business we tend to try and pull each other up…. Arrr sounds so sweet don’t it!


Whats been your biggest Naturelly highs and achievements?

There have been many achievements along the journey of setting up Naturelly but the most recent is Naturelly is launching is 555 Sainsburys store from 11th July…. This is a massive achievement for our brand and hopefully the start of a new exciting chapter on our journey.


What’s on the kitchen disco play-list in the Naturelly family house?

Dean and I normally DJ, One on One off in our kitchen disco’s here’s a few from us both:

Arcade Fire – everything now

The Foals – My number

Dianna Ross and the Supremes – Come see about me

Soul Time – Shirley Ellis

Or 90’s R n B


Where are your favorite places for a knees up without the nippers?

Probably starting off at a local pub then heading back to someone’s house for a house party  


What was the first album / single you bought and what format did you buy it on?

Shaken Stevens – Lipstick, Power and Paint on vinyl


What would be your band T-shirt of choice?

Talking Heads


Top tips for getting children to make healthy snack choices.

My moto is anything in moderation so vary snacks as much as possible

Apart from OKS (obviously) what would you recommend for family fun in the North West?

I would always recommend Big Fish Little Fish, you always get a free Naturelly after the event too just like some OKS parties.

Find out more about Naturelly here and check out Our Kids Social and their fab upcoming events here


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