Spotlight on: (Just) Jane from Take Me To Church Prestwich

This week we shine the spotlight on the awesome Jane from Take Me To Church Prestwich. We are delighted that Jane has agreed to DJ at Our Kids Social’s end of summer family event Happy Sundaze this year at Manchester Monastery 16th Sept – having seen her at Just So Festival we know how amazing she will be!B5BCA3AD-976C-44F3-B3C9-8449A1156E20

What’s your name and where do you come from? 

Hi, I’m (Just) Jane and I’m a proud Mancunian.Tell us about what you do/or your brand or business. 

I have a brilliant day job working for the Canal & River Trust, a Waterways and Wellbeing charity developing capital and revenue projects for our canal & river communities across Yorkshire & the North East which is totally different to my night job as a DJ!


At night, I co-own & DJ at a club night in Prestwich called Take Me to Church or tmtc as it’s better known.  Despite the name it’s not a religious night ;0) it’s more a nod to the saying ‘take me to church’ when someone raises the roof when singing! But we absolutely do worship the disco!  

The night was set up my myself and 2 of my girlfriends 2 years ago because we love music and dancing, but we didn’t relish the idea of queuing up at daft-o-clock in the morning in Manchester to wait for a cab home and devoid of any club nights locally, we decided, like you do to set up our own.

From that single gin-induced idea we found ourselves with a venue, an excuse to play records again and us nervously waiting for people to turn up – but they did, in droves and over the past 2 years we’ve roped in our family and friends to help.  We’re very proud of the fact that our night sells out and we get to introduce new music to our audience, but more than that we’ve grown a wonderful, supportive and super-friendly dancefloor community.  

I DJ at my Bottomless Disco Brunch event at Basil + Lily in Prestwich as well as other venues in Manchester including Sunset by Australasia. I’m on the Board of Radcliffe Market, a new Social Enterprise selling ethically sourced produce and delivering community projects and events.   I’m also proud to be the Chair of Prestwich Arts Festival, a brand new family arts festival that runs on 29th and 30th September this year and I’m very excited that Our Kids Social will be joining us on Sunday 30th so book your tickets here: 


When and how did you get involved in the music scene? 

I’ve always been involved with music; both of my parents were jazz singers, so music was just part of growing up.  I followed in their footsteps and became a singer in and around Manchester in the late 90’s singing, funk & vocal house styles.  I also went to the Hacienda when I was just 15 (shss) and I’m old but lucky enough to have experienced it during its early days until it eventually closed.  It had a huge influence on me musically, we got to hear amazing DJ’s from America who brought the best remixes and big vocal tunes as well as the brilliant residents. Manchester was raw and gritty – it was great. Plus, I met my husband there so another reason to be grateful :0)

What’s been your most memorable gig and why?

My first singing gig was at BJ Bells or Matt n Phreds as it’s now called and I was so nervous that it was like someone else’s voice coming out of my mouth it was that surreal – but for DJ-ing it has to be tmtc’s first birthday in Heaton Park last year,  it just made us all so proud of what we’d achieved within a year and we’re looking forward to our 3rd event there on 15th September.


What’s on your Kitchen Disco Playlist?

Well disco, funk and soulful house music is my thing and anything with a great vocal in it, so yes to artists like Chaka but not the obvious stuff. I love her new release Sugar, sounds like a 70’s re-worked edit but it’s new and it’s fabulous so can’t wait for her new album to drop.  

Where do you recommend for a knees-up without your nippers in Manchester? 

tmtc of course :0) 

How do you relax, chillout and take time out?

So, as you can see I’m quite a busy bee, but I’m lucky that my day job takes me to some of the most beautiful waterway locations in the country, so I find that visiting them, even for work immediately calms, relaxes and improves my wellbeing, plus I get to take the dog!  Equally I love being at home with my family and NOT going out, both of my daughters are dancers so I’m often their mid-week taxi!


Band tee shirt of choice? 

Beastie Boys

Top 3 desert island discs and why? 


Why do you think music is important in family life? 

Music is powerful, it brings people and family together.  You can be silly or serious with it, there’s no right or wrong, you can create it, it can ignite or sooth, from a young age it can influence the person that you will become, and I am a case in point.

Final question, what can our OKS community look forward to hearing on our Happy Sundaze dancefloor? 

Lots of uplifting vocals, disco re-edits, great beats, some tunes you know, perhaps one or two you won’t, but all guaranteed to make you want to dance!


We cannot wait to welcome Jane and her tunes to Team OKS Sept 16th – join us – it will be a fantastic jam packed afternoon of family fun. Music, arts, sensory, forest school, circus skills, silent disco, face paint and a mini market place – plus a bar!! Event info and tickets



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