Spotlight on: Adrian and Ari from bubble


This week we shine the spotlight on bubble babysitting app and the two brains behind it – Adrian and Ari. You will see bubble at a few of the upcoming Our Kids Social events as sponsors – check out the arts and crafts, giant dance-floor balloons, or chat to them about the app.


What’s your name and where do you come from?

ADRIAN: We are Adrian & Ari, two dads from London and co-founders of the bubble app – the first service in the UK to help parents find childcare on-demand, using the recommendations of their own trusted network of friends.


Tell us a bit about bubble!

ARI: bubble helps parents find, book and pay the best babysitters in their local community. The app makes it really easy and convenient for mums and dads to book recommended childcare when they want and need it.

We set the business up after having our own kids and realising that A: finding reliable sitters was so difficult and B: as parents, we always want to find the sitters that our friends use and trust.

We’ve now got over 50,000 people using the app and it’s just amazing to see how it’s helping so many people every day. Parents are using it to book sitters for their social lives, work lives and for the unexpected too…which thanks to our kids is commonplace!


How are you involved with OKS events?

We’re sponsoring a number of the events and getting involved with some arts and crafts at the britpop event. We love the idea behind OKS and can’t wait to come up for the right Royal knees up!


Have you been to any great festivals or are there any you want to get to?

ADRIAN: Haha – would love to get out there but can never get organised enough! I will definitely get to Camp Bestival one day but now there are so many that offer good value and a great experience that when the time comes I will choose wisely!


What is on the kitchen disco play-list in your house?

ARI:My son made us have Despacito playing on loop for several months last year. Not just in the Kitchen but on the way to school too. I’d heard that song was the most streamed of all time, we probably accounted for the majority of them. We’ve now got Ed Sheeran on loop instead…


Where are your favourite places for a knees up without the nippers?

ARI:We like some of the Gastro pubs around North London where we live.  The York & Albany and Freemasons Arms are two good bets.

ADRIAN: And if you’re in South West London, The Ship in Battersea, sitting outside by the river in the summer months to relive those ‘pre-kids’ days.


What was the first album / single you bought and what format did you buy it on?

ADRIAN: This is dating me – it was on vinyl – and obviously not a classic as I can’t remember(!). I do remember my sister buying The Unforgettable Fire by U2 and we played that repeatedly – still great.


What would be your band T-shirt of choice?

ARI:Growing up my dad was big into Rock and loved Aerosmith which rubbed off on me. My wife (understandably) is having none of it these days though, so I’d suspect their T-Shirt might get binned pretty quickly.


What is a favourite family meal at your house and do you have a great recipe to share?

ARI:We love meatballs in tomato sauce. A friend of mine let us in on a great recipe where you add soaked bread and chopped raisins into the meatball mix. It makes them come out very soft and sweet and the kids absolutely love them.

ADRIAN: My wife’s vegetarian (I still love her though) and she makes this Thai-inspired dish with strips of raw courgette and carrots with noodles. Virtually no cooking and even our 5 year old will eat it.


What are you looking forward to most at an Our Kids Social event?

Definitely looking forward to having our big bubble style balloons at the Britpop event! They are always such fun on the dance floor.


If you were at our silent disco what would the kids’ number one choice for their channel be, and what would the adults’ number one choice for theirs be?

ADRIAN: I’m a bit of an indie kid so that’s where I’d be, slightly out of time with everyone else. For the kids, dance music – the Justin Timberlake song from Trolls, Can’t Stop The Feeling, is guaranteed to get everyone waving their arms around in our house (the adults for different reasons!).


What do you enjoy doing with your families when you have time away from work? 

ARI: I’m a big football fan and recently started taking my five year old to some Arsenal and England games which is great fun. Other than that, my preference is always for the simple things that allow us to spend as much time with each other as possible. I absolutely love cooking with the kids, going fruit picking in the summer is also another favourite of ours.

ADRIAN: Scooters / bikes and a dog walk. I got an adult scooter when our 5 year old got his and, sadly, I ride it even when he’s not around.


Do you think your musical tastes influence your kids?

ARI: If I look back on what I listened to growing up it was heavily influenced by what my parents listened to but that was only until I was old enough to change the radio station in the car! Access to music and the range is so much wider now that it was, so I suspect our kids will develop their own tastes and preferences far quicker then we did growing up.

ADRIAN: Probably, but more in the way that it’s important to enjoy it and also anything goes. Think kids will always identify themselves by what they listen to, but it seems liking lots of different genres is more acceptable now. We went to see the the musical Matilda as a family a couple of weeks back and, no matter what you music you like, you’d have to be dead inside not to think that show kicks ass!

You can find out more about bubble here and catch up on all the latest Our Kids Social events here!



Spotlight on: Jonny from Red House Farm

This week we shine the spotlight on Jonny from Red House Farm ahead of our Super Special Summer Supper Club – tickets coming your way very very soon so keep your eyes peeled.

We cannot wait to bring Our Kids Social’s Silent Disco magic to the farm as the sun goes down.

We found out a bit more about life at the farm for Jonny and his tribe …


1 What’s your name and where do you come from?

Hello I’m Jonny Hewitt and I was come from Dunham Massey, however I’ve had a very circuitous route back to the village I was born in after vowing never to return to the village I was born in, work on a farm or marry the girl from around the corner!

2 Could you tell us a little bit about your collaboration with OKS, how it came about, what’s going to be happening?

I remember Alice from my youth ! .  Through meeting up, and having numerous meetings in the sandpit at Red House Farm, we are delighted to be working together with the silent disco here at the farm.  Its a brilliant concept, everyone dancing and sound of the countryside not being interrupted

3  Which three words best describe Red House Farm.

Real – Happy – Fun

4  Whats your families guilty pleasure tune for a kitchen disco?

My 7 year old daughter, Erin, is loving Beyonce at the moment (All the single ladies) My son Monty is listening on repeat to Feel it Still by Portugal or  Changing by Sigma / Paloma Faith, for me I still love Don’t Stop Moving by S Club 7 – classics like this never go out of fashion!  Steph has an 80’s play list hidden in Spotify

5  Whats  your favourite attractions for Cheshire families (aside from RHF) and why?

I do love the Cheshire Ice Cream Farm, its a real wow and something to aspire to.  The kids love going to John Leigh Park in Altrincham still and of course I do love going for a walk in Dunham Park.  I am very fortunate that my parents still live in the Kitchen Gardens of Dunham Hall across the road from it.

6  Where do you go for a knees up without the nippers?

Going into Altrincham is great and myself and Steph love going to eat at Altrincham Market, we had our last meal out though at Hawksmoor in Manchester, the service ambiance and food was magnificent 

7  What are your top three song suggestions for our silent disco playlist?

Probably the ones I have just mentioned!

8  How do you destress from a day at the farm? Box set and feet up, hang with kids, reach for the wine?

Plenty of exercise, and like a lot of people, waiting for Game of Thrones …

9 What was the first album / single you can remember buying? How old were you and what format did you buy it in?

I got asked this some years ago for a BBC Radio Manchester Interview, and then they played it,  my first ever single I bought  was ‘I want to be your property’ by Blue Mercedes.  What a long lasting pop career they had !

10 Band / Artist T shirt of choice

Do Bands do ‘red check shirts’ ??

Find out more about Red House Farm HERE and Our Kids Social HERE

OKS Spotlight on: Becca from This Mum Can Fitness


This week we shine the spotlight on all round superstar Becca and her lovely tribe. Becca inspirationally set up This Mum Can Fitness following redundancy – and it is growing in popularity every week.

This Mum most definitely CAN!


What’s your name and where do you come from?

Becca – from Surrey originally but totally an honory Manc now as I’ve lived in Sale since 2006


Tell us a bit about This Mum Can Fitness!

It’s a fitness business run by me aiming to get Mums back into fitness.  I started it 18 months ago after being made redundant on maternity leave after having Harry, my 2nd child.  I retrained and started it rather than getting a “proper job”.  It’s been a whirlwind of 18 months and I love it – best thing I ever did.  I do loads of different bits – I run Mum and Baby classes in the parks as well as ladies only fitness sessions, I do Personal or small group training and I also run a running club.  We’re based in Trafford – in Urmston, Sale and Altrincham


What is your top tip for new Mums?

Give yourself a break!  It’s the hardest, most mind-blowing thing in the world becoming a Mum and we’re our own worst enemies.  It’s easier said than done but try and take a step back and reaslie you’re doing an amazing job (even if you don’t feel like that everyday)  Exercise helps but you’ve got to make sure you’re ready physically so don’t do too much too soon.


What about Mums who maybe aren’t new to motherhoodbut have been out of exercise for a while?

Pretty much the same but once you’ve got your head round the idea of making a change, then go for it with all guns blazing.  Its not easy getting fit but the benefits of it are enormous – you sleep better as your physically tired, you feel better as you’re doing something for you (not for the kids), you eat better as hopefully you don’t want to eat rubbish if you’ve done a workout.  Its like the best most un-vicious (if that’s even a word) cycle .  Find a group with likeminded people in it at a level right for you and you’ll love it


Which three words best describe you and why?

Loyal – once your my friend that’s kind of it, you can’t get rid of me
Friendly – I can literally can talk to anyone about anything
Happy – I try to find he positive in most stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good rant but I don’t hold onto it for long, life’s too short!!

Tell us about your classes – what can Mums expect?

We do an hours workout together – I try to do a different class every week so you dont get bored doing the same things every time.  All exercises can be modified to anyone’s ability so please dont be worried about coming down. It’s suitable from 6 weeks post baby after natural delivery or 10-12 weeks post c-section.  The whole ethos is about coming out, meeting new friends and getting active and although it is a great workout, it’s not a full-on bootcamp or anything like that!  

We workout, have a chat, an hopefully have a laugh at the same time – I’m not a “shouty” trainer – the hardest bit is getting your “activewear” on and getting to my class so once you’re there, for the first few weeks at least, that’s all that matters, you can kind of do what you want and make it as easy or as hard as you’d prefer.  I know loads of the mums that come are working out on about 4 hours sleep so I’m never going to push you to your limits.


What is on the kitchen disco play-list in your house?

We’ve a very eclectic mix at our house.  Me and the hubby are massively into our music and primarily I’d say we’re indie kids (oh to be a kid again!!)

Courteeners are always high on the list along with stuff like Oasis, Razorlight, Stone Roses, Arctic Monkeys.  Then its so eclectic – I love reliving my youth with old school RnB and garage (south London garage girl in the house – cringe!!) and my Mum and Dad are the biggest U2 fans so Bono’s on a lot too.  Like I said, we love a bit of everything – except drum and bass or jungle – jungle was never wicked or massive – ha ha


Where are your favourite places for a knees up without the nippers?

Without the kids for us is 90% of the time at a gig here or there.  We love live music and try to go as much as we can to see our favourite artists.  If it’s not a gig then just a good old night out.  I’m not really into “glamming it up” but I like going out for nice food and then to some bars and probably having one too many glasses of prosecco


What was the first album / single you bought and what format did you buy it on?

One of my first albums was a NOW album – I think it was Now 26 or a number close to there and it was on CD – I was the transfer generation from tapes to CD!!  After that I think the Bluetones was one of my first good albums – along with Five! and a bit of Phil Collins – I love Phil Collins…another one to blame on my parents good taste!!

Geekily because Mum and Dad were in Asia, I was one of the first of my friends to get an iPod when I went back to Uni – it was huge! I’ve still got it – 3rd generation – no colour, 4 buttons on the top, no click wheel – totally retro now!

What would be your band T-shirt of choice?


What is a favourite family meal at your house and do you have a great recipe to share?

My spaghetti bolognaise is pretty good (if I do say so myself) Pretty straight forward recipe –

Mince, Onion, Garlic, Mushroom, Peppers, WorstershireSauce, Tomato Ketchup, Tinned Tomatoes

Fry onion, garlic, add in the mince and break it up.  When mince is fully cooked, throw in mushrooms & Peppers, tinned tomato, decent squeeze of ketchup and about 5-6 dashes of worstershire sauce.  Leave uncovered to simmer and reduce down.  Cook pasta/spaghetti and serve

Apart from OKS (obviously) what would you recommend for family fun in the North West?

We love Oxygen trampolining park in Trafford Park – firm family fave for a rainy Saturday morning.  The Little O sessions from 10-11 every morning are fab as theres no chance of the little kids getting bashed by any older ones

Parks are always a great day out for us if the weather allows – we’re round the corner from Worthington Park so that’s our go to but we also love Bruntwood Park in Cheadle, Walton Park in Sale and Abbotsfield Park in Urmston – both the latter two have steam trains which is fab.

What are you looking forward to most at future OKS events?

I just love the variety of the events – I need to make a supper night at Rocket and Orange as I’ve not been free for any of the dates there yet but I just love them.  There’s so much to do at them and I really like the fact that there’s always something for all ages – my fave was the Neon on you did at Z-arts – Chloe and Harry loved drawing on the tshirts and the signing/dancing music demo in the main room but the best bit was the circus disco – fabulous!

Are there any other local small businesses you want to shout out?

Pelvic Physio Manchester – Felicity Nicholson.  She’s a specialist pelvic floor Physiotherapist and performs Mummy MOT’s.  She helps mums with stomach or pelvic floor issues get strong and ready for “normal” life again post birth – fabulous lady and business.

Tumble Tots – fab classes that I take Harry to every Thursday – all about getting kids active and confident to explore new things.  They climb and balance over a range of “stations” – Harry loves it and it’s great to see him improve week on week.

Amphora Café – in Sale – the best avocado and eggs I’ve ever had!!  Chloe adores the macaroons and states this café as her “favourite place to go”!!  Cute café with a great selection of food on the menu and ridiculously good cakes – heard the coffee is amazing too.  Run by a lovely couple who have made a huge success out of a relatively new business.

Find out more about Becca and her fantastic classes here and FB here

Find out more about Our Kids Social and their fantastic events here

OKS Top 5 – leg-ups when everything goes to shit



It’s Maternal Mental Health week and so this blog is about us reaching out a hand to all of those fantastic Mums who may need a leg up. Which is basically all of us at one time or another – We three at Our Kids Social know what it’s like when the shit hits the fan. 


Maybe it’s the last in a long line of sleepless nights, maybe expressing milk is causing you stress. Maybe it’s the toddler tantrum because they asked for a blue cup, you gave them a blue cup and then they threw it at the floor and started screaming. Maybe it’s the fact that your old Levi’s still don’t fit and it’s hard to let them go because it feels like you are letting go of part of who you are or who you were – and why can’t the Levi’s fit both of those people? Maybe it’s because you feel really sad and you don’t know why and you convince yourself that it’s not PND – but maybe it is. Maybe it’s because it’s relentless and you just need to have a ittle cry. Maybe it’s because even at a jam packed soft play, sometimes it just feels really lonely. 

Motherhood is tough. The joy it brings is unequivocal. The sleep deprivation is unparalleled. The rollercoaster of parenthood sees the uplifting highs of love, elation and pride couple with the dark dark lows of guilt, fear, sadness and desperation.

It is never simple. 

Motherhood makes us see ourselves more clearly: Our Amazonian strengths and our need for support. Motherhood is not a show and yet it can feel like everyone is watching. 

Motherhood is a gift to be treasured, a heart wrenching agony, a role for keeps. 



So when the shit hits the fan – and it will – maybe in the middle of IKEA (we got escorted out through a secret concealed emergency exit), or at your local sling library (we wept into our brews), or at your dinner table (I did not remake the previously agreed pasta pesto without the pesto no matter how hard she demanded), or when you are on your own in the car park at Aldi (I just felt like I couldn’t do any more of anything and had a big cry) – here are our 5 top tips for muddling through, seeing the light and living to fight the next day …..


  1. Comparison is the thief of joy

Instagram shinstagram. 

Oh how I have flicked through the tiny squares and admired the glossy pics, the tidy homes, the smiling children. Admiration soon turned to comparison for me – no amount of common sense can help the doubt creep into my mind. 

Why doesn’t my house stay tidy? Why are none of these children tantruming in Tesco? Why are all these women so together?

What a load of crap. 

When it’s 3pm and you are still in your pjs, in a self made nest on the sofa, watching Friends back to back, feeding your baby and yourself in between snoozing and eating choc, comparison will steal the cosy joy from right under your lovely patchwork blanket.

It’s ok for everything not to be perfect. It’s ok to take it at your own pace. NOBODY ACTUALLY LIVES LIKE THAT ALL OF THE TIME!

Everybody has times that are just really tough. Problem is, most people don’t share them. They ALL have a bright orange paint hand print on the front room wall (not just me right?). They ALL have days when what is holding it all together is a bottle of dry shampoo and a mug of Yorkshire Tea – WITH SUGAR IN IT. They ALL have days when they lock the bathroom door and pretend to go the loo just to get 5 minutes alone to eat the secret chocolate stash / have a cry / phone a friend.

Don’t ever forget it. You are not alone. 


  1. It’s ok not to be ok

So, it’s tough. Doing all the stuff all the time everyday to keep little people alive is tough. Let’s not pretend otherwise. 

If you were to start a brand new job, or decide to train for a marathon, or to move to live in another country – it would (probably) at times be tough. And if someone were to ask you – ‘how is it going?’ You would give an honest answer – ‘yeah it’s ok, some days are tough, I’m not sure I always make the right decisions. I mean there are great bits but there are shit bits too’. 

Hmmmmmm – so it’s ok not to be ok. It’s the same for Motherhood. We don’t have all the answers all of the time. And that’s ok.

We don’t feel great and happy and elated all of the time. And that’s ok too.


  1. It’s all about YOU! 

Some days it’s red lippy. Some days it’s baking a cake. Some days it’s sitting in the bath for half an hour. Some days it’s a huge glass of white wine. Some days it’s comfy trainers and a quick run. Some days it’s a lie in – even if it’s just ten minutes. Some days it’s dancing like a wild thing to Kylie in the kitchen disco playing the air guitar and singing into a ladle. 

Do what makes you feel good. Do what makes you happy. Prioritise your well-being.

In order to successfully look after others, you first must look after yourself. Take time, make time, put some time aside – for you. 

Plan for it – put it in your diary. Stick to your plans and be kind to yourself. It isn’t always easy to find time but it isn’t impossible – even if it’s just ten minutes to read a magazine with your feet up. 

  1. Take one small step

Sitting in your pjs, eating chocolate, living in the sofa nest and watching Friends on Netflix. It has its place – but it’s not forever.

Take a small step. To the local park. A walk around the block. To a cafe for a brew. To meet other parents.

In can be daunting and a bit scary but it is worth the courage to do it. We have had some great times with others – talking, eating cake, laughing.

Some of the classes and groups we are currently enjoying are – Slingswing Manchester, This Mum Can Fitness, The Mucky Monster Club, The Conker Crew. Find something that suits you and dip your toe in – try it out. 

  1. Tell someone

Sometimes it’s just all too much. Getting dressed feels like it is too much. Going to the park feels like it is too much. Talking to other Mums feels like it is too much. Looking after a baby feels like it is way, too much. 

Tell someone.

A relative or a friend – phone them, whatsapp them, knock on their door. 

Ask for help. Look after yourself. It’s ok not to be ok. They will support you.

Here are some great places that you can contact if you feel in need of a leg up and you are not sure which way to turn – 



Our Kids Social pioneer family events in iconic buildings across the North West. We would love for you to bring your tribe to our community – we would welcome you with open arms. Mums, Dads, Nans and Uncles – we have room for you here: Find out more about what we do and where to find us at




Spotlight on: Leanne from Mucky Monster Club


What’s your name and where do you come from?
Hellooo! I’m Leanne Kelly from Stockport. Owner of Mucky Monster Club Messy Play, mummy to Mucky Monster Maxwell & wifey to Mucky Hubby Tommy.


What do you do at OKS events?
We bring the MESS!
We run a massive 2 hour long messy play session for babies, toddlers & preschoolers…& any other monsters who fancy joining in too, it’s not always just the kids who like to experiment with slop & slime!


Which three words best describe you?
Creative, adventurous, spontaneous
(I just had to do an online quiz to get that answer!)

What are your top tips for keeping the family entertained in the North West?
Oh wow, where do I start, there’s so much going on for families we’re always spoilt for choice. I think my top pick would have to be all of the amazing national parks that we’re so lucky to be close to. Mucky Maxwell is a big fan of the outdoors, hunting for dragons, bears & dinos in the deep dark woods can keep him entertained for hours.

Have you been to any great festivals or are there any you want to get to?
We’re heading to Geronimo Festival for the end of May bank hols. And we’re camping! It’ll be our first camping and festival experience as a family of 3, I think I’m about 80% nervous 20% excited at this point.


What is on the kitchen disco play-list in your house?
Oooh it changes frequently but we do love a good dance at home! I’m a self confessed fogie when it comes to music and listen to anything you’d hear on a naff wedding playlist, you just can’t beat a bit of Whitney ‘Dance with Somebody’.

Whereas Mucky Maxwell only likes “daddy’s noisy music” (anything with drums that he can head bang to. He’s 3 btw!). Oh but he does have a sneaky penchant for a bit of Spice Girls too, mostly baby spice tbh.


What’s your favourite place for a knees up without the nippers?
Well when we get the disco lights and bubbles out, I have to say, our living room is the place to be for a good old boogie!

What was the first album / single you bought and what format did you buy it on?
Hmmmm that’s a toughie, it may not have been my very first but the one I remember has to be NOW 30 on cassette tape. Oh the good old days of listening (and crooning) to Janet Jackson ‘Whoops Now’ on repeat every night after school (and probably & driving my mother batty in the process).


What would be your band T-shirt of choice?
Unashamedly, right now, it would have to be spice girls!
But only if it’s a girl power one from I really do NEED one of these!


What’s your top tips for our OKS families who want to creating messy play at home?
Don’t do it, come to us instead!
But if you do want to brave it then there’s so much that you can try at home. The very best tip we can give to those messophobic parents is, if you’re after an easy clean up, do it in the bath, that way you can hose your little monster down and hose the mess away at the same time. Result!


What is the best thing about OKS events?
We LOVE LOVE LOVE OKS, these events offer so much for the entire family, it’s different every time and there’s always something new to discover. It’s not often you get chance to get down with your little ones, drink beer, get your face painted & get messy all in one day. You can’t get the same experience anywhere else!


You can find Muck Monsters Club on FB here and they will be at our Britpop special this May!

OKS Top 5 – reasons to Shake. It. Off

Here at OKS we are huge advocates of dancing, moving, shaking and twirling.


To be the best on our dance floor, all you have to be is YOU!

We welcome dabbing Dads and mamboing Mums, gangnaming Grans and kids who can quickstep.


We ask you, encourage you, plead with you to let the kids dress themselves, let your inhibitions go, throw your hands up and let your hair down –  get up onto our dance floor and show us what you’ve got!


Here are our top five reasons why we think you should all DANCE!


  1. It feels great!

We promise. Trust us!

When you throw on your favourite tunes, let it all go and dance like no-one is watching you feel great! Dancing releases those endorphins which we all know are the feel-good chemicals – when was the last time you really did shake it off without feeling better about life at the end of it?


Smiles a plenty are promised whether you are on the OKS dance floor, in your kitchen, in your shower or air drumming at your desk in work (come on – we’ve all done it).


2. It’s a sneaky workout!

Let’s face it, fitting in going to the gym / heading out for a run / nipping for a quick swim is much more difficult with a young family to fit in with! Dancing is the answer!


All you need is your record player – or radio – or spotify and you are off. Grab some comfy shoes, don the 80s neon leggings that you could never stand to part with, use your hairbrush as a microphone and find your inner diva.

You are most definitely the Queen of the Night – or indeed Monday Morning.


3. It is fabulous family time together

Our own kids think that a kitchen disco is appropriate at any time of the day or night – which of course it is! Impromptu dancing on chairs, crazy congas around the kitchen island, sweeping ballroom mid cornflakes – we’ve got it all going on.

And it is fantastic.


Everyone smiling, laughing, enjoying themselves together. Making memories, singing at the tops of our voices and spending time together which is FREE in the comfort of our own homes.


4. It can improve your mental health

Dancing reduces levels of cortisol – which is a stress related hormone. Along with the feel good wonders of the endorphins this is a double whammy to improve your mental health.


Whilst dancing you can immerse yourself in the music, the movement, the moment. It is possible to let the stress and strains of family life go for that moment and enjoy.

Enjoy the feeling, enjoy the family time – enjoy the OKS playlist!


5. It builds confidence – both in you AND your children!

Strutting your funky stuff, letting loose and getting your freak on with the kids is not only liberating but confidence building.

Enjoying time together, laughing and making other people smile –  all of these things build self- confidence.

Children (and adults) who may be shy on the dancefloor have the opportunity to have a go, learn some new moves and build confidence in the safety of their own dancefloor at home (see kitchen disco info below). Then, when it comes to the real thing, with support of family and friends they will be much happier in showing off their new silky skills.



We understand the importance of families laughing and sharing together – added to the need for still dancing on Friday nights and so we give to you OKS Kitchen Disco Takeover!

We challenge you and your families to share your kitchen discos with us. We know you are having them – stop hiding away behind your front door and share share share! Every week is a different family who welcomes us into their kitchen to show us what they’ve got and dance it off!


Head over to our Facebook page to find out more, vote, take part


Find out more about us here

Twitter and insta @ourk_s

You can find us on FB here


Spotlight on: Stockley Farm


As we look to the summer months we cannot wait for festival season. This year OKS are soooo excited to be involved with Stockfest! Two days of fabulous family fun down at Stockley Farm. With two days jam packed with activities, workshops and all your favourite animals – what more could you want?

we asked the staff to step into the spotlight and tell us a little more about themselves, the farm, and what to expect in August –


What’s your name and where do you come from?

Abi: I’m Abi and I grew up in a tiny village in Cheshire, but now live in a Manchester suburb. Now I get to enjoy both city and rural life!

Jill: I’m Jill and grew up all over England and Singapore, I am now settled in Cheshire .

Tell us a bit about Stockley Farm!

Abi: Stockley Farm is definitely my second home and it is just fantastic. We have a huge range of farm animals, and more recently, some exotic pets too! We pride ourselves on educating the public about British farming through a variety of hands-on, interactive activities.

Jill: Stockley farm is a huge part of my life as I live on site. We have a great team who are passionate about educating the public about farming.

What are your roles on the farm – what are the best and worst bits of working there?

Abi: I am the Open Farm Manager, so I oversee most things! Life is very busy on the farm, but there is an abundance of baby animals to go and cuddle whenever you start to feel stressed, and it relaxes you instantly. Spending time with the animals is so therapeutic, but the lingering smell isn’t appreciated by my partner when I return home!

Jill: I am married to the farmer and as a result I have many job titles!

Some of these are PA, farm secretary, manage the horses oversee the day to day running of the open farm. I love that new life never becomes boring and I love the animal contact, probably the worst part is the English wet weather.


How are you involved with OKS?

Abi: We are working with OKS for the first time at our family festival ‘Stockfest’ on 11th & 12th August. They are bringing their fabulous silent disco into the mix, as well as many more exciting workshops and activities.

Jill: Abi made contact with OKS and we are so excited to be working with such a professional set up.

Which three words best describe each other and why?

Abi: Ooh, I better be kind here or I’ll be in trouble! Jill is focused, organised and helpful, but maybe only because I’ll be a real mither if she’s not.

Jill: Abi is multi-talented, driven and fun loving.

Tell us about Stockfest – what can families expect?

Abi: Stockfest is my favourite event at the farm, along with all of Team Stockley. There is very down to earth, relaxed vibe, despite there being so much going on! There is a different theme each year and 2018’s theme is ‘Superheroes and Fairytales’ so alongside all the usual farm fun, there’ll be unicorn pampering, character meet & greets and sing-a-longs, superhero challenges and more!

Jill: Stockfest is a vibrant event which is ideal for families in a safe environment so that parents can also have some down time while the kids are entertained.

What is on the farm kitchen disco play-list in your house?

Abi: Oh gosh, I could do an essay on my music taste. I’ve been dancing around the kitchen to synth pop recently though. Think Depeche Mode, Gary Numan, but with some world music thrown in too.

 Jill: I can’t compete with Abi on this one!! I don’t get a choice in our house with 3 teenagers.

 Where are your favourite places for a knees up without the nippers?

Abi: I am a huge music lover, so you will find me going to gigs at some of the more intimate venues around the Manchester area, such as The Deaf Institute and Soup Kitchen.

Jill: I love eating out and weekends away just with the hubby for some us time.


What was the first album / single you bought and what format did you buy it on?

Abi: After learning the songs in Primary School, I asked my Mum to take me to HMV so I could buy the Bugsy Malone soundtrack on CD. It’ still probably in my top 10 albums.

 Jill: My first album was on vinyl and it was by Bobby Brown.

What would be your band T-shirt of choice?

Abi: It’s so difficult picking one! Perhaps Talking Heads. I think I was born in the wrong era. I definitely know which channel I will be listening to during the silent disco anyway!

Jill: Oh that’s difficult it would probably be Paloma Faith.

What is a favourite family meal at your house / the farm and do you have a great recipe to share?

Abi: The soups served in our tearoom are amazing! Nicky and Sarah do an amazing job in there. If I had to give a good recipe though, you can’t beat mashed sweet potato with a tablespoon of tahini, a minced garlic clove and a bit of pepper all mixed in. It’s the perfect side dish.

Jill: Our tearoom food is gorgeous, and Sarah makes lovely cakes. We all love Thai green curry in our house or a good old roast dinner.

Apart from the farm and OKS (obviously) what would you recommend for family fun in the North West?

Abi: I have always enjoyed making candles at the Cheshire Workshops in Tattenhall. I even took Jill’s children there as an excuse to return!

Jill: The kids always loved Waterworld.

What are you looking forward to most at Stockfest?

Abi: Apart from working with OKS, I am looking forward to the evening entertainment with the campers. We are hosting a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party for the first time, and traditionally we have songs around the campfire on the Saturday night which always has a fantastic atmosphere.

Jill:I can’t wait to see all the kids in fancy dress and the faces when they meet our unicorn.



Spotlight on: Charlotte from Jo Jingles

This week we shine the spotlight on Charlotte who brings Jo along to different Socials throughout the year. Together they do fantastic toddler classes and you can look where to find them in Manchester here.


What’s your name and where do you come from?

Charlotte Heywood born in Devon lived in Manchester for over 20 years.


Tell us a bit about Jo Jingles!

Jo Jingles is a fun music and movement class which you can enjoy with your child/children. All of our sessions are age specific and catered to help your little one to learn new things through the love and music. Our classes help your little one to develop there speech, listening skills, co-ordnation, confidence and independence all while having lots of fun.

Each week there are different themes and instruments but the structure of the sessions in the same each week for repetition.


How are you involved with OKS?

I absolutely love OKS!!!

I started about a year ago running sessions at events and have never looked back from Halloween to fun on the farm super hero style OKS events are just great.


Which three words best describe you and why?

Bubbly, Kind, Fun – Always up for a giggle.


What is on your kitchen disco play-list in your house?

Love a dancing session in the kitchen with the kids to any 90’s dance ultimate fav is Rhythm of the night -Corona.


Where are your favourite places for a knees up without the nippers?

Revolution de Cuba in Manchester!

What was the first album / single you bought and what format did you buy it on?

Spice Girls – Spice album 1996 on CD.


What would be your band T-shirt of choice?

Spice Girls!

What is a favourite family meal at your house and do you have a great recipe to share?

Shepherds pie – Mince, onions, oxo cube, carrots, peas all in a pan once mince browed squirt of ketchup and brown sauce!! salt and pepper and pop in oven proof dish!! cover with mashed potatoes and grated cheese cook in the oven for 20 mins serve with gravy yum yum yum.

Apart from Jo Jingles and OKS (obviously) what would you recommend for family fun in the North West?

We love going to Alton Towers as a family day out and have also recently discovered Cannon Hall Farm in Burnley which is a fab day out in all weathers.

Have you been to or would you like to go to any great family festivals?

One of our favourite is Geronimo at Arley Hall which I’m looking forward to attending again this year with Jo Jingles North West.


Another fav is Car Fest North held in Chester fab weekend for all the family.

You can find Jo Jingles website here or Facebook here

Find our more about OKS and our up-coming events here




Spotlight on – Made on the Sofa

This week we shine the spotlight on our resident baker Rachel and her local business – Made on the Sofa. Rachel’s Themes cakes not only look fantastic but they taste amazing too – we dare you to try and just have one without going back for more!

What’s your name and where do you come from?

Rachel, and I’m originally from Rochdale but now live in Bury with my husband and two sons.


What do you do at OKS events?

I sell cakes and biscuits to help give everyone the energy they need to dance the afternoon away!

Which three words best describe you and why?

Loving, caring and tired! There’s nothing I love more than being with my friends and family, helping and supporting them anyway I can. My wedding day was the best day ever as I was surround by everyone I love the most. Tired, as I have a very active 2 year old and 9 month old and the 9 month old likes to wake lots in the night!

What are your top tips for keeping the family entertained in the North West?

Join lots of Facebook groups. I follow or like everything from farms to festivals and soft play to parks so I’m aware of any events going on. If I see an event I can’t attend, I like the page so I get any further notifications of anything similar happening there.

Also, prepare for all weathers and take snacks!!!

Have you been to any great festivals or are there any you want to get to?

We loved Geronimo in 2017, there is so much to do we plan to go again this year. It’s great for all ages and hopefully in the future we’ll camp as you can’t get round it all in one day. I’d like to go to Just So sometime too. Local events are also great, Tottington’s Big Day Out in Bury, and I have friends that go to Festwich every year.


What is on the kitchen disco play-list in your house?

I love music but I actually tend to listen to the radio in the kitchen. I like to hear current new music, and I’m very much into my pop music so the radio works. I very rarely get to watch the news so I like to be able to hear a bit of what’s going on in the world! (Wow, I’ve gotten old!)

What’s your favourite place for a knees up without the nippers?

Bed?! Without the knees up and lots of sleep? 😂 other than that, Castlefield in the city centre. I love sitting outside Dukes on a sunny day with barges going through the lock on the canal, drink in hand.


What was the first album / single you bought and what format did you buy it on?

I hope I don’t lose custom for this….my first album was Jason Donovan’s Greatest Hits on tape! And my first single was on CD and it was Tubthumping by Chumbawumba 😂 That’s right folks… ‘I get knocked down, but I get up again, you’re never gonna keep me down’

What would be your band T-shirt of choice?

I may lose even more custom now….. it would have to be The Spice Girls. Yes I saw their reunion tour in 2008 and yes I’m hoping to see the next one if it happens!


What is your favourite cake recipe for baking at home with the kids?

A simple Victoria sponge/cupcake recipe. There’s enough different things for them to do – sieve the flour, crack the eggs but quick enough before they get bored.

Same for shortbread, three ingredients and my son likes cutting out the shapes, especially if they’re dinosaurs!

What is your ultimate place to go and eat cake and which cake is your fave?

Slattery’s in Whitefield, Bury – when you can get a table! They have a great cafe, where the mains are as good as the desserts, and an amazing shop selling a whole host of cake and chocolate goodness. I’m booked in to do their chocolate challenge in a few months! You get something like a wedge of chocolate fudge cake, two pots made of chocolate, filled with liquid chocolate, chocolate ice cream and a hot chocolate!!!


And my favourite cake, mmm it’s a close call between birthday cake and carrot cake! Birthday cake I think!

What is the best thing about OKS events?

That it brings together so many family activities under one roof. My son still plays with some of the things he’s made there, and always loves having a bit of a dance and the space to run around! You see the same families coming back and so get a real sense of a little community.

And I can have a drink and a little dance (if all the cakes have sold and I can make it to the dance floor!) as obviously with kids you don’t get to go out much and I miss dancing!

Rachel’s delicious cakes will be available at future OKS events – do let us know in advance of any dietary requirements

Rachel’s FB page is here

Find Our Kids Social FB page here

Insta and Twitter @ourk_s

Spotlight on Nikki from Neon Tiger


This week we are shining the spotlight on our fantastic face-painter Nikki from Neon Tiger Face Paint and Sparkle. We love her creations so much she often has to do our faces before an event! You can contact Nikki for prices and bookings through her Facebook page.


What’s your name and where do you come from?

Nikki From neon Tiger face paint and sparkle – I live in Sale


What do you do at OKS events?

I am one of the regular face painters and glitter artists



Which three words best describe you?

Happy, creative, dynamic (like Batman!)



What are your top tips for keeping the family entertained in the North West?

Follow the Our Kids Social girls around (I do!) as their events are always fab. Also Rainy City Kids are great for info on what’s going on across Manchester and family event listings.


Have you been to any great festivals or are there any you want to get to?

I’d love to go to Geronimo either to paint or to take my girls.


What is on the kitchen disco play-list in your house?

My husband is a DJ so he likes to control the music, we generally listen to Misoul Radio, Hands Free Radio and a bit of Kiss FM for pop for my daughters.


What’s your favourite place for a knees up without the nippers?

We love to go to a Suncebeat festival in Croatia when we can talk the parents into having the kids for a week, but I think maybe we will just take them along with us next year as it’s pretty child friendly.


What was the first album / single you bought and what format did you buy it on?

First single was Slow Hand by the Pointer Sisters on vinyl- still a Tuuuuuune!


What would be your band T-shirt of choice?

I like dance music on the Defected music label, I have t-shirts with their logo on.


What is a favourite family meal at your house and do you have a great recipe to share?

I love my slow cooker and do a lovely sausage and bean casserole that we all enjoy.


What is the best thing about OKS events?

Eclectic venues and fun for adults but plenty for kiddies to do. I worked at family ‘raves’ that just don’t have enough activities for the children, we can’t expect them to be entertained by our nostalgia alone!!!