OKS Top 5 – reasons to Shake. It. Off

Here at OKS we are huge advocates of dancing, moving, shaking and twirling.


To be the best on our dance floor, all you have to be is YOU!

We welcome dabbing Dads and mamboing Mums, gangnaming Grans and kids who can quickstep.


We ask you, encourage you, plead with you to let the kids dress themselves, let your inhibitions go, throw your hands up and let your hair down –  get up onto our dance floor and show us what you’ve got!


Here are our top five reasons why we think you should all DANCE!


  1. It feels great!

We promise. Trust us!

When you throw on your favourite tunes, let it all go and dance like no-one is watching you feel great! Dancing releases those endorphins which we all know are the feel-good chemicals – when was the last time you really did shake it off without feeling better about life at the end of it?


Smiles a plenty are promised whether you are on the OKS dance floor, in your kitchen, in your shower or air drumming at your desk in work (come on – we’ve all done it).


2. It’s a sneaky workout!

Let’s face it, fitting in going to the gym / heading out for a run / nipping for a quick swim is much more difficult with a young family to fit in with! Dancing is the answer!


All you need is your record player – or radio – or spotify and you are off. Grab some comfy shoes, don the 80s neon leggings that you could never stand to part with, use your hairbrush as a microphone and find your inner diva.

You are most definitely the Queen of the Night – or indeed Monday Morning.


3. It is fabulous family time together

Our own kids think that a kitchen disco is appropriate at any time of the day or night – which of course it is! Impromptu dancing on chairs, crazy congas around the kitchen island, sweeping ballroom mid cornflakes – we’ve got it all going on.

And it is fantastic.


Everyone smiling, laughing, enjoying themselves together. Making memories, singing at the tops of our voices and spending time together which is FREE in the comfort of our own homes.


4. It can improve your mental health

Dancing reduces levels of cortisol – which is a stress related hormone. Along with the feel good wonders of the endorphins this is a double whammy to improve your mental health.


Whilst dancing you can immerse yourself in the music, the movement, the moment. It is possible to let the stress and strains of family life go for that moment and enjoy.

Enjoy the feeling, enjoy the family time – enjoy the OKS playlist!


5. It builds confidence – both in you AND your children!

Strutting your funky stuff, letting loose and getting your freak on with the kids is not only liberating but confidence building.

Enjoying time together, laughing and making other people smile –  all of these things build self- confidence.

Children (and adults) who may be shy on the dancefloor have the opportunity to have a go, learn some new moves and build confidence in the safety of their own dancefloor at home (see kitchen disco info below). Then, when it comes to the real thing, with support of family and friends they will be much happier in showing off their new silky skills.



We understand the importance of families laughing and sharing together – added to the need for still dancing on Friday nights and so we give to you OKS Kitchen Disco Takeover!

We challenge you and your families to share your kitchen discos with us. We know you are having them – stop hiding away behind your front door and share share share! Every week is a different family who welcomes us into their kitchen to show us what they’ve got and dance it off!


Head over to our Facebook page to find out more, vote, take part


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OKS provide unique events for the under 8s and their families. Bring your family to our community for a knees up with your nippers! www.ourkids.social

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