Top 5 gifts for Dads (or anyone you love)


Here it is – the OKS essential top 5 pressies for Dads – or any other lovely people in your lives – this Fathers’ Day!


1. The fantastic T shirt

We ❤️ Disko Kids for this fantastic turntable T. Available in black and navy it is perfect for all those tunes loving Dads out there. Plus we are obvs all over supporting small businesses and this one is owned by a super cool Mama who doesn’t need us to big her up – just check out her website. 

Other fave Ts of ours include Everything’s Sweet Threads – feminism is not just for females!

And also Cribstar – ‘hang with the gang’ being one of our absolute faves. 


2. The family gig

Looking for a Fathers’ Day event? Something you can all enjoy? Wishing there was a bridge between The Ramones and Wheels on the Bus? There is! 

The Rockin Rhinos – the wonderous family live music band gig goodness are coming at you on June 17th. On stage at The Union – Manchester Metropolitan Uni – we know from experience that they are ultimately epic and not to be missed. Who doesn’t love a band of animals rocking the stage to an audience of families and with beer available? We dare you not to love Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes – or their latest hit – If It Looks Like A Duck! 

With favourite songs for all ages – do your whole family a favour and book tickets for this spectacular asap before they sell out. 



3. The meal out

Where will we be on Fathers’ Day for food? No brainier – Yard and Coop on Edge Street. 

We ❤️ Yard and Coop. Great food, fab cocktails, wonderful service plus totally family friendly with Lego boxes and colouring in sheets on all tables. Plus it won’t break the bank. 

Time and time again, Yard and Coop never lets us down – kids’ menu is ace and they will no doubt have a special offer on for Dads. Book a table to avoid disappointment. 


4. The keepsake 

Ah there has to be one slushy present and this year we have gone for lyrics of one of our fave songs. We have gone to the fab ‘the blue butterfly emp’ on Etsy for our lyrics as artwork – Here comes the sun.

There is a variety of lyrics to choose from The Beatles to The Stone Roses and everything inbetween. Plus you can choose background colour and frame etc and it’s all very reasonably priced. Supporting small businesses is the theme of our presents and this fits that theme perfectly. 


5. The family event 

 Obvs no Dads’ Day pack is compete without tickets to the ultimate family socials with Our Kids Social!

Who wouldn’t want to open a card with the promise of fantastic family fun inside? With dancing and arts, dress up and great tunes, face painting and always a bar – we absolutely guarantee something for everyone. Our two channel silent disco will ensure the whole family is up dancing – kids’ pop vs adult guilty pleasures, you decide! We welcome all kinds of Dad-dancing on our dance floors so come on down and show the kids how it is done!!

Our Kids Social have a whole host of events up ahead and we would absolutely love to see you and your tribe there. Families should be filled with fun, laughter and great memories – we can guarantee all of these!

Join us at – 

Red House Farm – Dunham – Supper Club – 20th June

Brockholes Nature Reserve – Preston – End of term Silent Disco – 22nd July 

Refract at Waterside – Sale – Make, Do and Bop – 27th July

Bombed Out Church – Liverpool – Silent Disco – 29th July 

We look forward to seeing your tribe on our dance floor soon – join us for a knees up with your nippers!


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OKS provide unique events for the under 8s and their families. Bring your family to our community for a knees up with your nippers!

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