Spotlight on – Jenni from Rocket and Orange


1 What’s your name and where do you come from?

I’m Jenni and together with my husband Karim we own the family cafe Rocket & Orange based in Altrincham.


2 Could you tell us a little bit about your collaboration with Our Kids Social? 

We’ve fairly recently started working with OKS and held our first Silent Disco Supper Club in February which sold out in 24 hours and was a great success! We’d been chatting for a while about collaborating so it’s been great to get things up and running.
3 Which three words best describe your cafe?

Friendly, fun and fresh (food that is!)

4 What was your favourite meal as a child?

Funnily enough Karim and I remember the meals we disliked the most rather than the ones we liked the best – we both seem to have a strong recollection of our Mum’s homemade mince and mashed potato. As a result, mince doesn’t feature very often in our family meals at home these days!


5 Family meal times – any traditions, tips, dos & don’ts?

We tend to be pretty traditional with our family meals and all enjoy a roast on a Sunday. I wouldn’t really say we’re in the best position to give any tips, as a busy working family we do our best not to take too many short cuts during the week.

Our boys are a bit older now and I think the only thing I would say to those with younger children is just to sit down and eat as a family as often as possible, which isn’t always that easy!

6 Tune of choice for a kitchen disco in your house?

If it was our choice it would be Chase & Status, Blind Faith but given the chance our boys would rather have something like Rick Astley, they’re into their 80s music at the moment!

7 What are your top three song suggestions for our silent disco playlist?

OK we asked our boys for help on this one and we came up with;

Back Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling
Pharrell Williams – Happy
Deee-Lite – Groove Is In the Heart

8 What’s your go to celebrity chef or cook book family recipe?

We have quite a few cook books, Delia for the traditional Christmas recipes, Jamie for quick family recipes but these days I probably look online more than the cook books and use BBC Food or BBC Good Food as our go to.

9 What was the first album / single you can remember buying? How old were you and what format did you buy it in?

Ok definitely going to show our age here….mine was Adam and the Ants, Stand and Deliver on 7 inch vinyl single bought from Woolworths with a voucher I got for my 10th birthday! Karim’s was Huey Lewis and the News, Power of Love on 7 inch vinyl single!


10 Why do you think the Supper Clubs have been such a success?

The whole idea behind Rocket & Orange was to set up a venue which was a good experience for parents and a good experience for children, rather than being better for one or the other.

I think the Supper Clubs work in the same way, the kids are happy because they have their food and a dance and the parents are happy because they have a glass of Prosecco, a chat with friends and a dance with the kids, so it works all round.

I don’t think there are many events like this on a Friday early evening where you can wind down with the kids after a busy week. And to top it off there’s your disco moves and enthusiasm too!


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