OKS Spotlight: Divina De Campo

We are are delighted to welcome Divina De Campo and Drag Queen Story Time to Z-Arts, Manchester this winter! From Soho to Bristol and now to us we cannot wait for a magical afternoon of storytelling and dancing. Sponsored by Superbia and with a sprinkling of OKS Wonder, this is set to be fun for all ages.



We caught up with the fabulous Divina to put her in the spotlight before she takes to the books to read some stories and then hit the dancefloor.



1 What’s your name and where do you come from?

My name is Divina de Campo. I’m from all over really I’ve lived in Yorkshire, the Midlands, Wales, Lancashire and now Gran Canaria!

2 What are you going to be doing at the Winter Pop-up Social?

I’ll be reading some wintery stories for everyone, singing some songs and dancing a bit afterwards as well.



3 Which three words best describe you?

Camp, silly, friendly.

4 What was your favourite story as a child?

The book that got me into reading was The Little Witch. I’ve always had a thing about witches, wizards and magic.

5 Have you been to any great festivals and are there any you want to go to?

I’m not much of a festival goer in all honesty. They don’t usually have heel friendly flooring. I’ve always quite wanted to go to Woodstock.

6 Where is your favourite place for a right good night out in Manchester?

Kiki it’s fun and welcoming with great music.


7 What will the OKS community be saying about you after your debut?

I hope they’ll enjoy it. However I’m not mystic Meg so who can say!

8 What are your top three song suggestions for our silent disco playlist?

Everything’s a bit rude these days (old lady alert) so I’d go with Tragedy (Steps), Spinning around (Kylie) Absolutely Everybody (Vanessa Amarossi).



9 What was the first album / single you can remember buying? How old were you and what format did you buy it in?

I don’t remember what I first bought but I did win a bundle of tapes and a cd in a tom-bola when I was about 10 it had Des’ree’s Life in it which I wore out.

10 What is your signature move that we should be looking out for on the dance-floor?

Definitely some shoulder action and the good ole step tap.

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