OKS Spotlight: Disco Mums!


The fab all-female line up that is Disco Mums have taken some time out from spinning their favourite vinyl to answer our spotlight questions.

We are so excited that they will be joining us 10th Sept at The Wonder Inn for OKS Happy Sundaze – they will be taking over the first floor disco room! There is so much going on – an afternoon of family festival delights, come join us! Tickets here.

What’s your name and where do you come from?

DM – We are Disco Mums from Manchester and it does what is says on the tin!


What are you going to be doing at the Socials?

DM – Having heard wonderful things about Our Kids Social we are excited to embark on our first invite to play at September’s Social and our cheeky monkeys can’t wait either.

If you have been to a Social before, what did you enjoy the most? If not – what are you looking forward to the most?

DM: We think it’s so cool that the kids can party whilst the parents relax and enjoy watching them happy partying. What’s not to like? This definitely gets Disco Mums vote as an ideal way to spend Sunday afternoon.

We are looking forward to playing some soulful disco, house music and 80s pop – tunes that will have your nippers legs moving in no time.


What are your top tips for keeping the family entertained in the North West?

DM: My boy loves to jump and one favourite escapade to keep him entertained are the indoor trampoline centres. We would also add that a pile of sticks, mud and each other can keep then entertained for hours on end too.

Have you been to any great festivals and are there are you want to go to?

DM: We recently took our families and played at an amazing festival in Cheshire called Just So. It is aimed purely at families and has all kinds of fantastic themes and events such as a huge jelly fight. We highly recommend this! (For OKS Just So review – go here)


Where is your favourite place for a knees up without the nippers?

DM: If we are off out without the children we head to Red Laser Disco, The Social Service, Wetplay, Hidden, White Hotel, Refuge and The Klondyke Club in Levenshulme. Also festivals such as Festival No. 6 which two of us are playing at this year. We also love doing a radio show on Reform Radio called Out Since Friday where we get to have a giggle on air and hang out at Old Granada Studios which is great.

What was the first album / single you can remember buying? How old were you and what format did you buy it in?

DM: First single was Pet Shop Boys – West End Girls. I sent for it from an offer on a Weetabix and so it came.

First music I bought was a cassette MJ – Off the Wall. I got it in Our Price in Rochdale. Pure glamour.

What would be your band T-shirt if choice?

I don’t wear band T-shirts but Debbie Harry and Nile Rodgers both have Disco Mums T!

Thanks Disco Mums!

See you on the dancefloor! 


You can find Disco Mums on FB here

Or catch them in the flesh at OKS Happy Sundaze! Tickets here


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